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staffing solutions for your school

Each and every year hundreds of schools spend their operational funding on staffing whilst a portion of their staffing entitlement provided by the government goes unspent. Our staffing products are designed to ensure that you school gets every hour of staffing entitlement that you are entitled to, whilst freeing you up to focus on leading your school rather than pushing paper.

Staffing review - our first School Admin HR product is a review of how your school uses your staffing entitlement. Priced at $199 (ex. gst) this product comes with a money-back guarantee - if we can't save you more than $199 we won't invoice you a cent.

Entitlement management - From only $49 per month (ex. gst) we will manage your staffing allocation to ensure that you are getting value from your entitlement and minimising use of operational funding.

We are always on the lookout for new ways to help schools with their staffing - please feel free to make contact with us on our toll free number with any ideas and ways to make your life easier and free you up to focus on more important tasks!

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